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Monday, November 08, 2004

Deer Hunting near Frankin (Robertson County)

I got the opportunity to go deer hunting this past weekend on about 225 acres just outside of Franklin, Texas. A co-worker/friend, Kenn, kindly invited me along.

We camped Saturday night outside of his unfinished cabin to the sounds of howling coyotes and acorns falling on the tin roof of the tractor shed. The land he owns is heavily wooded.

Sunday morning we headed out around 5:45, not exactly sure when the sun was to rise. I hunted up against a large tree that stood in a narrow clearing looking downhill to a creek bottom where a feeder was located. The only thing I saw were the two longhorn cattle Kenn has wandering the property. They appeared at the feeder and slowly meandered their way up the hill toward me. Needless to say that was quite distracting. While this was going on, I did see a hog at the creek bottom, but by the time I got my eye through the sight, it was gone.

Kenn hunted at the crown of a cleared hill looking over a patch of oats and rye and a feeder.

Kenn met up with me around 8 AM. Soon after we saw two big fawns about 20 yards away. Almost completely ignoring us! We called it quits for the day.

While moving a blind later that morning, two large does crossed the path behind us.

In talking to Kenn, a neighboring landowner and other hunters here at work, the consensus is that deer hunting will be slow going until the large crop of acorns disappears and grasses die off from cold weather.

Kenn was hunting with a 7mm Mag, and I borrowed his .22-250 w/ a Leupold 3x9 scope.

So no deer were to be had, but it sure was peaceful being in the woods again.


Blogger brian said...

I was pretty sure you would have a hunting report for us today. bummer the hog didn't give you a shot.

I bet the camping was fun. I would rather camp in the woods than on the beach.

8:17 PM  
Blogger steven-hoffman said...

do you know if there have been any buck sightings on that property?

I saw two young bucks (A five pointer and a seven) this morning near the property Chris and I are bowhunting. So there are still some out there after he bagged the big one.

1:40 PM  
Blogger steven-hoffman said...

Deer are going to be harder to draw out to feeders until the acorns get used up, that just means that you need to change the approach a little. Deer need lots of things besides just food on a daily basis.

Watch where the does go to bed and where they come from when they show up then find a spot to jump them when they get out of bed in the morning

The hottest hunting on river road would be a big open pasture where the deer congregate to hit on the does, it seems like it is a big deer singles bar. Too bad it is on someone else's property.

1:47 PM  
Blogger john smith said...

No Tresspassing" sign to the tree along with a note telling the offender to get out. Deer Hunting

3:46 PM  

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